DSFrotz 2.0

DSFrotz' versions

DSFrotz 2.0 beta-1 20080815

august 15th 2008

- a lot of bugs killed and user backgrounds and icons...

DSFrotz 2.0 alpha 20080724

july 24th 2008

- brand new alpha version of DSFrotz, for tests and debugging only...


DS-Frotz 2.0


DS-Frotz 2.0

DS-Frotz is the port of Stefan Jokisch and David Griffith's Frotz, based on the GBA version from Jonas Minnberg. It can play the majority of Inform files in z3, z5 or z8 format (up to V6 Inform format), with some bugs included... The source code is included in the package... The version 1.2 of DS-Frotz includes :

  • a multi-game main menu
  • a multi-interface inputs : grafiti or keyboard (no voice recogition yet, sorry...)
  • and a brand new text-completion functionnality

    includes a lot of games, but you can now put your own games to your cart...

    - download - DS-Frotz v2.0 beta-1 20080815 -

    - download - DS-Frotz v2.0 alpha 20080724 -

  • game engine - DSFrotz
    DS version - papafuji

    for old versions of DFrotz, click >>>here<<<


    How to play all these games ?

    All these games have the same interface (shown on the screenshot above), and can be played exactly the same way.

    typing the text

    There are two ways to type words with the stylus of your Nintendo DS :

    • by default, you can directly draw the letters on the screen, according to the PA-Grafiti alphabet (cf. fig. 1)
    • second way : you can use the mini keyboard (cf. fig. 2) or the numerical keyboard

      just press the 'X' button to change the input type.

    fig. 1 - the Grafiti alphabet

    fig. 2 - the keyboard mode

    the icons

    to avoid typing always the same things, the most used orders can be called via the icons - each icon has two or three states, for example, the hand means "GET ", "DROP " and "GIVE ", and the "N" button means "GO NORTH" and "GO UP" - just pick an icon twice or more to select the good order...

    the buttons

    • X : swap between mini-keyboard and letter-drawing modes
    • A : valid / OK (v1.2 games only)
    • B : abort / clear input text (v1.2 games only)
    • L / R : changes the image size (Level9 games only)
    • START : pause / exit the game
    • SELECT : save a game to the SRAM

    the vocabulary

    a sentence in these games is defined by a verb + a noun, for example, "OPEN DOOR", "GO NORTH"...
    some sentences can have only one word, for example "INVENTORY" (to see what you're carrying), or "SCORE" (to see your score)

    each game has his own vocabulary, but a lot a verbs are common to all the games - here's a list of the most common words :


    in many cases, you don't have to write the entire word to be understand, only the first letters are necessary : for example, "G HELM" is esquivalent to "GET HELMET", or "CLIM DRAWB" is equivalent to "CLIMB DRAWBRIDGE"

    the word completion

    the v1.2 (and upper) versions, a text completion funtionnality has been added. Just draw a slsh '/' in the middle of the word, and the game engine will try to complete it with the latest words that have been printed on the screen... You can draw this slash until you find the good word. For example:

        You are in the kitchen, you see a can wooden bench, 
        a bootle of wine, and a cute babe...
        >CLIMB ON B           -> draw a slash here completes to :
        >CLIMB ON BABE        -> draw another slash here completes to :
        >CLIMB ON BOTTLE      -> draw another slash here completes to :
        >CLIMB ON BENCH       -> that's fine
    fine, isn't it ?

    Note : On DS-Frotz games, you can only complete the last noun.. But in Scott Adams or Brian Howarth adventures, you can complete the first verb too...


    the shortcuts

    as many words come often in the same game, some shortcuts have been defined :

    • N S E W : equivalent to "GO NORTH", "GO SOUTH", "GO EAST" and "GO WEST"
    • NE NW SE SW : in Level9 and Frotz games, this letters are equivalent to "NORTH-EAST", "NORTH-WEST"...
    • H : HELP
    • G : GET (or 'AGAIN' for Inform/Frotz games)
    • L : LOOK
    • SV : SAVE
    • LD : LOAD
    • R : RESTORE


    ok, now, let's go to the adventure !!!

    Note to the authors or owners of these games :

    All these games I've ported to the NDS are not for a commercial purpose, but only to bring NDS players all these classic, and sometimes cult, adventure games. If that's a problem for you, please contact me, we'll try to find a solution. Thank you...




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