Level 9 Computing
Colossal Adventure

Complete Solution

- written by Jacob Gunness - d.13/5-1990. -
- source : The Level9 Memorial-


The 15 treasures in the Colossal Adventure are :

Chain - in Bear Room - NE, E, SE, S, E from the bridge
Chest - by Dead End - see Same Maze note
Coins - in Well - D from the building
Diamonds - west of Fissure - W, WAVE ROD, W from East Hall of Mists
Eggs - in Giant Room - CLIMB BEAN, W from West Pit
Emerald - in Plover Room - W, NW, N, W, DROP LAMP, E from Bedquilt
Gold Nugget - in Long Low Room - S from East Hall of Mists
Jewellery - in S. Side Chamb.- S from Hall of Montain Kings
Ming Vase - in Oriental Room - W, NW from Bedquilt
Pearl - in Salty Room - E, N from Bedquilt
Platinium Pyramid - in Dark Room - SAY PLOVER, NE from 'Y2'
Rug - under the dragon - W, S, E, U, W, FIGHT DRAGON from Bedquilt
Silver Bars - in Passage - N from Hall of Mountain Kings
Spices - in Small Chamber - NE, E, NE, E from the bridge
Trident - in Magn. Chamber - CLIMB BEAN, W, N, OIL GATE, N from West Pit


The Magic Words are :

Plugh - from 'Y2' to Brick Building and vice versa
Plover - from 'Y2' to Plover Room and vice versa
XYZZY - from Debris Room to Brick Building and vice versa
Fee Fie Foe Foo - brings the eggs back to Giant Room


And now, the complete walkthrough :


Part I : You start outside a small brick building

S, E, NE, S, GET SANDWICHES, E, D, N, IN, DROP SANDWICHES, GET KEYS AND LAMP, OUT, S, S, S, OPEN GRATE, D, W, LIGHT LAMP, GET CAGE, W, W, W, CATCH BIRD (if you are carrying the staff, the bird will fly away), E, E, GET ROD, W, W, W, D, W, WAVE ROD (now there is a bridge across the chasm), DROP IT, W, GET DIAMONDS, E, E, N, DROP BIRD AND CAGE (the bird chases the snake away), U, S, GET NUGGET, N, N, N, N, OFF LAMP, SAY PLUGH (you are teleported from 'Y2' to the brick building), DROP KEYS;NUGGET AND DIAMONDS, GET BOTTLE, SAY PLUGH (back at 'Y2'), LIGHT LAMP, S, D, E, D, FILL BOTTLE, U, W, W, D, E, GET GAZETTE, E, DROP GAZETTE, S (using the Gazette you make your way out), W, W, W, W, D, EMPTY BOTTLE (the bean grows), U, E, E, NW, GET VASE, SE, E, GET PILLOW, W, NE, E, U, E, U, N, OFF LAMP, SAY PLUGH, DROP PILLOW AND VASE (the vase lands safely on the pillow - phew!), D, LIGHT LAMP, GET COINS, U, DROP COINS, SAY PLUGH, SAY PLOVER (you are transported to 'Plover Room'), NE (you get 5 points for bringing light to this room), GET PYRAMID, S, SAY PLOVER (back at 'Y2'), S, GET BARS, N, OFF LAMP, SAY PLUGH, DROP PYRAMID AND BARS, GET SANDWICHES AND KEYS, SAY PLUGH, LIGHT LAMP, S, D, E, D, FILL BOTTLE, U, W, W, D, W, W, W, W, D, EMPTY BOTTLE (the bean grows atnd reaches a hole), U, E, D, FILL BOTTLE (with oil), U, W, D, CLIMB BEANSTALK, W, N, OIL GATE (it swings open), S, DROP BOTTLE, GET EGGS, S, E, U, E, E, NW, W, SW, N, NE, GIVE EGGS (the troll (or is it a goblin; can't remember!) leaves), NE, NE, E (Lenslok check; fortunate non-JoD do _not_ have to put up with this BS!), NE, E, GET SPICES, W, S, SE, S, E, GIVE SANDWICHES (these calm the bear), UNLOCK CHAIN, DROP KEYS, GET CHAIN AND BEAR, W, U, U, W, W, SW (the troll/goblin is back for more treasure), DROP BEAR (it scares him away), SW, SW, D, SE, DROP CHAIN, SE, W, W, D, CLIMB BEANSTALK, W, SAY FEE FIE FOE FOO (the eggs return!), GET EGGS, N, N, GET TRIDENT, W, D, SE, DROP SPICES, SE, NE, E, N, OPEN CLAM (a pearl rolls out and downwards), D, D, GET PEARL, U, U, S, U, E, U, N, OFF LAMP, SAY PLUGH, DROP TRIDENT;PEARL AND EGGS, SAY PLUGH, LIGHT LAMP, S, D, W, D, W, W, NW, N, W, OFF LAMP, DROP LAMP, E, GET EMERALD, W, GET LAMP, LIGHT LAMP, NW, S, GET CHAIN AND SPICES, SE, NE, E, U, E, U, N, OFF LAMP, SAY PLUGH, DROP EMERALD;SPICES AND CHAIN, SAY PLUGH, LIGHT LAMP, S, D, W, D, W, W, S (keep trying until you get through), E, U, W, FIGHT DRAGON, YES (you knock the hell out of it), GET RUG, E, E, U, W, W, W, OFF LAMP, WAIT (for the pirate, if you have not been robbed already. Follow the instructions below on getting through 'Same Maze'), W, D, N, N, N, OFF LAMP, SAY PLUGH, DROP CHEST AND RUG, SAY PLUGH, LIGHT LAMP, S, S, S, GET JEWELLERY, N, U, U, E (keep going east, and if necessary walk w and e until you meet the elf), YES... (end of part one!)

GENERAL NOTES The Dwarf - the first time you meet him, he throws an axe at you, which you in return can pick up and throw at him. If you move outside the central dungeon system, he will give up the pursuit. Now, if you play the Jewels of Darkness version, which gives you points for not saving your game (ABSURD!!), I suggest you use OOPS whenever you meet this guy to avoid him completely, so you won't waste moves on picking up the axe.

The pirate/Same Maze - At some point he will steal all the treasures you are carrying. Note that you _cannot_ find the chest if you have not been robbed. If you are almost at the end of pt.1, wait for him in the Western Halls of Mists, lights extinguished (to save power! When he has stolen the goods, go (from Western H.o.M.): S, E, S, S, U, W, E, S, N, E, N, E, NW, GET CHEST + the stolen treasure(s), SE, W, S, D (to Splendid Chamber)

Vending Machine - it is in Different Maze. You _can_ drop the coins here and have your batteries renewed, BUT it seems that it costs you 5 points (really hot on time pressure, are we, Level 9???). The game can be completed without this, you just have to run a little faster! From West End of Long Passage: S, W, E, U, N, DROP COINS, N, U.

PART II : You start in a cave

GET KEYS;LAMP;ROD AND DYNAMITE, NE, DROP DYNAMITE, SW, SAY BLAST (the dynamite goes off and kills many dwarves. A hole opens in the west wall), W, W, W, U, U, U, U, U, E, D, W, W, S, UNLOCK ELVES (they happily run off), N, N, UNLOCK ELVES (yet another 100 elves are free), S, W, WAVE ROD (a bridge appears across the gap), DROP IT, W, W, W, D, D, D, GET ELIXIR, U, U, U, E, E, E, E, E, N, DROP ELIXIR (the skeletons turn into living elves!), S, W, W, W, W, W, CLOSE DOOR, D, D, D, GET PENTACLE (you MUST turn off the lamp now!), OFF LAMP, U, U, U (the water reaches the lava which explodes, but the closed door saves you), U, U, U, U, E, E, W, W, U, U, U, THROW PENTACLE (the spider jumps after it), LIGHT LAMP, D, D, D, E, N, DROP KEYS, GET ORB, E, E, GET SCEPTRE, S, S, GET CROWN, NW, U, U, W, W, W, W, W, U, S, S, S, E, E, U, U, E, E, E, E, E, U, (TA-DAA!!! You have saved the elves and their treasure and are now Grand Master!)


Good Luck !