Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventure #1
The Golden Baton


The complete walkthrough :

(You begin in a forest with some matches in your pocket) GET CLOAK, WEAR CLOAK, LOOK LEAVES (underneath is a sword), GET SWORD, S, CUT BRIARS (you find a rope), GET ROPE, N, N, W, THROW ROPE (it hangs from the tree), CLIMB ROPE, LOOK HOLLOW, GET RING, RUB RING (a key falls to the ground), DROP RING, GET KEY, D, GET ROPE, E, N, KILL WOLF, DROP SWORD, GO PATH, GET STAFF, N, N, N, THROW MATCHES (over the moat), SWIM, THROW ROPE (now you can climb up), GET MATCHES, CLIMB ROPE, D (the knight doesn't notice you because of your cloak), GO ARCHWAY, UNLOCK DOOR, DROP KEY, E, GET HELMET, WEAR HELMET, LOOK STAFF, READ RUNES (they say 'akyrz'), W, W, GET LAMP, LOOK STRAW (there's a hole in the floor), GO HOLE, LIGHT LAMP, DROP MATCHES, GO DOOR, S, WAVE STAFF, SAY AKYRZ (the quartz cools down), DROP STAFF, GET QUARTZ, E, SHAKE QUARTZ (it shoots Lizard Man), DROP QUARTZ, LOOK LIZARD, GET KNIFE, W, N, GET HAMMER, N, GET MIRROR, S, W, U, E, OPEN DOOR, HOLD MIRROR, GO DOOR (the gorgon's look is reflected - it turns to stone), DROP MIRROR, GET PARCHMENT, READ PARCHMENT (a hint on the upcoming boat trip), DROP PARCHMENT, S, E, GET HORN, W, S, U, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, W, N, GO CABIN, D, S, SMASH PADLOCK (with the hammer), GO DOOR, DROP HAMMER, GET RAFT, N, N, N, N, DROP RAFT, S, U, LOOK BARREL, GET SALT, D, S, N, DROP SALT (the slugs are salted), GET SLUGS, N, N, DROP SLUGS (the crab eats them), GET RAFT, GO LAKE, BLOW HORN (a hand holding The Golden Baton appears), THROW KNIFE, GET BATON (way to go! You have obtained The Golden Baton!)


Jacob Gunness - d. 3/1-1991.