Level 9 Computing
The Worm In Paradize


The Complete Walkthrough


Before describing a 'solution' to this adventure, it must be accepted that there isn't a move-by-move solution from start to finish! Only the very early part of the adventure is constant, as far as a solution is concerned. This is due to two main features:

(1)THE EDEN TRANSPORT SYSTEM - which throws up different address locations on each load of the game.

(2)THE FUZBOTS OF ENOCH - who could crop up anywhere at any time.
These being, obviously, in addition to any normal problems you may generate by the wrong action. Other notable features are:

(3)The Enoch TIME system - be sure to be home before curfew is imposed, and do not attempt to start a job too late in the day or the Workplace Droid will reject you!

(4)Never be in debt - you cannot afford the fine AND complete the game, so keep an eye on your Creds by 'EXAMINE TATTOO'.

THE EDEN TRANSPORT SYSTEM: Refer to your maps for clarification!

This consists of three 'ETS' Roundabouts, all accessible from the Northmost roundabout. They are uniquely colour-coded by the FIRST COLOUR mentioned on a grid location, as follows:
                   RED........the ETS 'EAST'
                   BROWN......the ETS 'NORTH'
                   BLACK......the ETS 'WEST'

When entering an ETS type 'JUMP' to reach the centre and 'SAY EXIT' to leave (then SOUTH).

There are SIX important addresses on the ETS which you must visit, BUT they may differ on each loading of the game!
                  1.YOUR HABIHOME
                  2.THE SOCIALIST'S HABIHOME
                  3.THE JOB CENTRE
                  4.THE TRAVEL AGENTS
                  5.THE FLORISTS
                  6.THE HARDWARE WAREHOUSE

The first one (Your Habihome) is easy to find and you don't really need to remember this address - just type 'SAY HOME' in open areas, other than exits from roundabouts leading to an ETS, and you are deposited one move North of your Habihome (SOUTH to enter). On leaving your Habihome, type 'SAY EXIT' then 'SOUTH' and you're placed somewhere on the Northmost Roundabout, depending on your 'home' address.

The second one (Socialist's Habihome) is found by examining a brooch (see Solution).

The remaining four are given out on television advertisements (see Solution). The different addresses found so far may not provide for EVERY possible address but most codes are mentioned. They are as follows:

     EAST ETS: Route from centre is:- SE-SW-SE-S-SE-SW-SW-S-SW
     - SW-SW-W-W-S- then SOUTH.

     WEST ETS: Route from centre is:- SW-S-SE-SW-SE-S-SW-SE-SW
     - SW-SE-E-E-E-SW- then SOUTH.

     NORTH ETS: Route from centre is:- S-SW-SE-SW-SW-SE-S-S-S
     -S-SW-S- then SOUTH.

     EAST ETS: Route from centre is:- S-S-SW-SE-SW-SE-SE-SE-SW
     -S-SE-E-E-SE- then SOUTH.

     EAST ETS: Route from centre is:- S-SW-SW-SW-SE-S-SE-SW-SW
     -SW-SE-E-E-E-SW- then SOUTH.

     EAST ETS: Route from centre is:- S-SW-SW-SW-S-S-SW-SE-SE
     -SW-SW-SE- then SOUTH.

      WEST ETS: Route from centre is:- SE-S-SW-SW-SW-S-S-S-SW
     -SE-SE-E-E-W-S- then SOUTH.

     NORTH ETS: Route from centre is:- S-SE-S-SW-SW-SW-S-SW-S
     -SW-SE-E-E-E-S- then SOUTH.

     EAST ETS: Route from centre is:- SW-SE-S-SW-S-S-S-SE-SW
     -SW-SE-E-E-SE- then SOUTH.

     WEST ETS: Route from centre is:- S-S-S-SE-SE-SW-SE-SW-S
     -SE-SE-E-E-E-SW- then SOUTH.

     EAST ETS: Route from centre is:- S-SW-S-S-S-SW-S-SW-S-SW
     -SW-W-W-E-S- then SOUTH.

     NORTH ETS: Route from centre is:- SW-SE-S-SW-SE-S-SE-S-S
     -SW-SE-SE- then SOUTH.

     EAST ETS: Route from centre is:- SW-SE-S-SW-SE-SW-S-S-SW-S
     -SE-E-E-W-SE- then SOUTH.

(Note:- Do not 'type ahead' too far in advance as the parser becomes confused! If, however, you become 'lost', just type 'JUMP' and start working through the appropriate sequence of directions again.)

The final note before commencing the game is regarding the clock. It is a decimal clock (0-10).....5 is Midday and 10 is Midnight. 'Curfew' is 10-3. Each 'hour' consists of 100 'minutes' - 'WAIT' command uses 10 minutes, any other single input uses 1 minute.

It is wise to tackle the adventure in 'day stages' but don't waste any 'days' because after about a week the Fuzbots get fed up of you wandering about and fine you for being a parasite of the state, irrespective of your work record!!


The early part of the game is constant. You start 'in a dream' in a Garden in Paradise.

TAKE BENCH - E - S - DROP BENCH - ON BENCH - EXAMINE TREE - TAKE APPLE - BITE APPLE - W - W - W - N - KICK BEHEMOTH - N - W - WAIT - N - W - W - WAIT - W - EXAMINE BEHEMOTH - TAKE SCALE - W - N - N - N - N - (Awake from 'Paradise Dream' wearing a visor) - (You are in a Dream Alcove in the Beautiful Octagonal Room).

DAYS 1&2. (Don't worry about the odd fine of 9 Creds) DROP VISOR - BREAK COLLAR - WEAR COLLAR - (this action prevents the Police from gaining any extra information about you - as long as you keep WEARING it they won't notice it's broken!) - S - NW - WEAR VISOR - SE - W - W - S - S - S - S - S - W - S - S - E - E - S - IN - SE - (SELL your spare organs to raise the necessary Creds?) - YES - E - (you stay overnight and are returned to the Foyer next morning) - OUT - N - W - W - S - E - E - E - E - E - E - N - TAKE MEDALLION - S - W - BUY FLAG - (cost is 9 Creds) - YES - S - W - W - W - W - IN - BUY BOX - (cost again is 9 Creds) - YES - OUT - N - E - EXAMINE MEMORIAL - WAIT - (until a potential Socialist arrives and is subsequently arrested) - LOOK - TAKE WALLET - SAY HOME - S - E - EXAMINE WALLET - EXAMINE BROOCH - (make a note of the colour code - it's the Socialist's address on the ETS) - DROP WALLET - DROP FLAG - DROP BOX - DROP MEDALLION.

YOUR HABIHOME The poster is really a television screen. SAY ON to operate it, or SAY OFF to close it down. In the Bodymaint is a nozzle - SAY ON for a refreshing shower but remove your tradclads or other clothing first! The shower will remind you of this!! If you don't shower REGULARLY the Droids may refuse to serve you.

The crack in the wall is your bed slot. SAY BED and it will swing down. LIE ON BED to use it. If you SAY BED while you're still on it you are swung down to the Undercity below your Habihome, but wait until you're sure that you know how to get out again before you try this! When your tattoo buzzes and announces 'Curfew in 1 hour', type SLEEP while on the bed and make a note of your 'dream'.....it may prove useful!

REMOVE TRADCLADS - N - SAY ON - (have a shower) - WEAR TRADCLADS - S - EXAMINE POSTER - SAY ON - EXAMINE TATTOO - (note the time and the amount of Creds you have) - (continue to EXAMINE POSTER or even EXAMINE TV until you have got the addresses of the JOBCENTRE, TRAVEL AGENTS, FLORISTS and HARDWARE WAREHOUSE.......it may take quite a while but they all appear eventually!) - SAY BED - LIE ON BED - (when curfew is announced.......) - SLEEP.

DAY 3. (Refer to maps and ETS notes for directions) Go to the Florist's Shop, buy the wreath, leave the ETS and make your way to the Memorial in the Theme Park. DROP the wreath at the Memorial. Go to the Jobcentre and take a job as a Clerk. If you're offered a YTS/YOP job, SAY NO and she'll offer you a job as a Clerk, eventually - if she doesn't you'll have to return the next day......maybe you haven't showered!

Take the card to the Workplace and go DOWN. After your days work you're escorted out again. SAY HOME and go SOUTH into your Habihome. Go to bed and SLEEP after curfew is announced.

DAY 4. Visit the Jobcentre again and get a job as a Labourer (turn down YTS/YOP and the Clerks job), take the card and proceed to the Workplace. This time upon entering you're taken to a Workshop. Go WEST and you are in the Waldroid Control Cocoon. You now assume the role of the Waldroid in the Workshop. Go EAST and make your way to the Hardware Warehouse. (The Waldroid behaves exactly as if it was you moving about, i.e., JUMP, SAY EXIT, etc).

Buy the valve. You obtain it for nothing on the council rates; if you had tried to buy it as yourself it would have cost you 1000 Creds! Return to the Workshop - the Waldroid controls die and you return to your normal role. EXAMINE the WALDROID on the way out and TAKE VALVE. Go home, drop the valve, WAIT until curfew is announced then SLEEP.

DAY 5. Have a shower and proceed to the Pet Shop in the Pleasure Dome (9 Creds to go NORTH through the turnstile). There is a Dagget here that was 800 Creds on Day 1 but is now only 500 Creds. BUY DAGGET.

THE DAGGET This is a robot dog.....EXAMINE it to reveal that it is a kind of plastic labrador! It operates on batteries through a Batpak (spelling is important - the program doesn't respond to Batpack!!). There is no need to carry the Dagget for as long as he is fitted with the Batpak he'll follow you around and you don't risk getting fined for possessing him then! To immobilise the Dagget, or stop him from following you, REMOVE BATPAK and then drop it . The Dagget winds down after a few moves. Ignore the majority of his crazy antics....they appear purely for show!

Go to the Museum and REMOVE BATPAK. You now have to steal a Helmet and Leotard from the exhibition without anyone seeing you do it or leaving with the stolen items. Also there is a security screen covering them. The exception to the latter rule is when the Tourist Guide comes in and shows the exhibits to some tourists.

WAIT until the tourists leave, then TAKE HELMET AND LEOTARD (you only have ONE move before the screen comes down again!). PUT HELMET IN DAGGET - REMOVE TRADCLADS - WEAR LEOTARD - WEAR TRADCLADS.......no-one is any wiser as to your misdeeds now. Don't forget to TAKE DAGGET and then go back to your Habihome.


Take the brooch from the wallet and go to the Socialist's Habihome. The Dagget will find an Invitation for you. Return home with the Invitation. Remove the Batpak from the Dagget and DROP BATPAK. Examine the Invitation and note the time of the meeting (usually at '6'). Drop the brooch, take the medallion and valve, together with the invitation. WAIT until the Dagget grinds to a halt then go to the Bison's Temple at the far North of the Pleasure Dome Corridor. Time is important here, as you're only allowed a couple of minutes leeway from the time stated.

WAIT or go SOUTH then NORTH until ONE MINUTE BEFORE the appointed time of the meeting.......remembering that a 'move' is ONE minute, WAIT is TEN minutes. (EXAMINE TATTOO regularly).

At the appointed time, enter the Temple and WAIT until the Bison leader comes out to meet you. Joining fee is 100 Creds. After becoming a Bison go WEST to the Temple Bar and BUY the Bottle of Wine, then go home. Drop the medallion, valve and bottle and leave the Dagget for now. Take the wallet and brooch, together with your invitation, and hand them in to the Police, at the Police Station, in the order:- GIVE INVITATION - GIVE BROOCH - GIVE WALLET. They tell you something you already know and you receive a small reward - EXAMINE TATTOO. Return home, have a shower and SLEEP when curfew is announced.

DAY 6. TAKE BATPAK - PUT BATPAK IN DAGGET. (You need him for the next task). Have a shower again and proceed to the Jobcentre yet again. Turn down everything and as the Droid shakes our hand it realises that you are now a Bison and offers you a job as a Managing Director. Go to the Workplace with the Dagget. This time, upon entry, you're shown to a Fabulous Office entrance. Go NORTH and you're up to your neck in carpet - but the Dagget keeps it at bay so as not to impede your progress. Go WEST to your desk in the Boardroom. After your day's work you're escorted out - with not a little increase in Creds. (EXAMINE TATTOO!).

Make your way to the Travel Agent's and buy a ticket. You couldn't have bought it before because it only sells to Bisons, but make sure you've had a shower that day! Go home, WAIT until curfew is announced then SLEEP.......you're going need all your wits for the last day!!

DAY 7. This is the final day and it is essential that you 'SAVE' game up to this point as a lot of things could still happen - even on the last move!!

Don't worry about the time or Creds, you'll soon have plenty of both, providing you're in the right place with the right equipment.

Deactivate the Dagget (REMOVE BATPAK - WAIT) and after your morning shower proceed to the Hardware Warehouse and buy the Vidcam, (cost is 300 Creds). Return home, get the ticket, ensure that you are still carrying the Vidcam, then SAY BED - LIE ON BED - SAY BED.

You are taken down to the Undercity. Refer to the map and proceed SOUTH to the Disgusting Junction. Go WEST and TAKE SIGN then DROP the sign at the Disgusting Junction. It tells the Droids where the rubbish and junk should be deposited......they always leave it by this sign!

Go back to the Cluttered Stained Room (WEST) and you'll notice a Junk Heap. The cleaning Droids will eventually move this to wherever you have placed the sign - but you must be very patient! When the junk heap is all moved from this location an exit South through a grill is revealed. A more useful exit, that was there all the time but not mentioned in the location description, is North past the Waterfall to a ledge behind!

Move NORTH ONCE ONLY from behind the waterfall and you will see a Flying Saucer. The wiggly roots before you are part of an alarm/gas system so stay put! SQUEEZE VIDCAM to record the scene then proceed SOUTH - SOUTH - EAST to the Disgusting Junction. If the junk heap has not appeared here yet then have a walk around (or WAIT) awhile. When the junk heap materialises CLIMB HEAP then UP, and you pass through the manhole - one way - to the Workplace Roundabout Exit of the Southmost Roundabout.

Proceed to the Police Station and GIVE VIDCAM. Go to the Riverboat Platform in the Theme Park and then NORTH to cross the river to the Island of the Mighty. (This is ONE-WAY once only!). Follow the map to the South of the Fabulous Foyer where you see a Reception Droid. On arrival you are escorted by elevator to the Top Floor and subsequently interviewed about the 'aliens' on television. The 3rd Kimberley rewards you (1000 Creds) and makes you a Party Member. You are then taken back home.


REMOVE TRADCLADS - (but still carry them!) - TAKE LEOTARD - WEAR LEOTARD - TAKE HELMET - TAKE BOTTLE - TAKE MEDALLION - TAKE VALVE - (these latter 2 items to trigger the alarm) - TAKE BOX - PUT BATPAK IN DAGGET - (Now is his finest hour!) - TAKE DAGGET - (he won't necessarily follow you on this one) - SAY BED - LIE ON BED - SAY BED.

Drop the Dagget and proceed to the Disgusting Junction. Take the sign and go EAST to the location described as 'Between Dry Pillars' and festooned in red tape. Drop the sign here, then proceed: WEST - WEST - NORTH - WEAR HELMET - THROW MEDALLION NORTH - the alarm sounds and gas flows in....a Technician from the Saucer will look out, see no-one and proclaim 'False Alarm'. THROW VALVE NORTH......the Technician records another false alarm and orders the system to be shut down until Maintenance check it over.......BUT this is NOT immediate so WAIT at least FOUR TIMES until an occupant of the Saucer has looked out another TWICE!

Now go NORTH - NORTH for a bit of a surprise! (This is where you say goodbye to your old friend......wipes tears of emotion away and cancels the Kennomeat!). TAKE COSTUME then EAST to the East/West Corridor (see Map). Remove and drop the helmet and leotard here then WEAR TRADCLADS. Go to the Red Tape location and WAIT until the Junk Heap materialises. When it does CLIMB HEAP then UP. This time, however, the manhole is rusted up somewhat, so REMOVE CORK......the cork pops out of the bottle and wine sprays over everything, lubricating the manhole cover.

IMPORTANT NOTE: TAKE CORK....you'll need this right at the end!!

UP and you are in the Quad, South of the Pyramid of Power. Proceed NORTH to the Fabulous Foyer then NORTHEAST - NORTH - EXAMINE BUTTONS - (they are all different colours but WHITE is the one for you!) - PUSH WHITE BUTTON - (the Elevator goes only so far towards your required destination, so......) - PUSH WHITE BUTTON again, and you're on the Top Floor. Proceed SOUTH then EAST past the Pyramid Droid and you are confronted by a mirror. PUSH MIRROR and it revolves depositing you at the base of a Spiral Staircase. Go UP - THROW BOX NORTH - it lands below the partition and causes a malfunction. Continue NORTH then NORTH again. Now fire extinguisher foam starts to pour in from an orifice!......your final command is to PUT CORK IN ORIFICE!!!!!!


"You block the orifice and stop the foam. You threaten to tell the truth about fake aliens and wave the costume as proof. Eventually a deal is struck. You give back the alien costume and, in return, are adopted into the Party Leadership. Congratulations! You have won!" "You score 1000 out of 1000 and are a Grandmaster Adventurer".


- source : The Level9 Memorial-